Enthusiastic Environmentalist

Hey Enviropreneurs,It has been a while, I posted an article here. This year I will be taking down the achievements train of those who are doing great in the environmental space as usual but, it’ll be more amazing than ever!As we all know March is the Women’s Month, we’ll be reading about an interesting female environmentalist whose, enthusiasm has taken her to greater heights!Read on!Lauritta Boniface is an environmentalist and a climate change advocate who is actively working on Goal 13 and 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals, she is passionate about providing a sustainable solutions to the problems of waste and climate change adaptation/mitigation in Nigeria, through training, advocacy and best environmental practices.Her pursuit for a more sustainable, healthy and conserved environment as an environmentalist has allowed her to explore recycling, one of the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) of environmental
protection and conservation.It has been an amazing experience thus, far engaging for her; sensitizing and training climate change-affected communities and vulnerable communities with a prominent focus on women, youths and students, enabling them to build resilience
for adaptation and mitigation as a strategy to combat climate change/crisis through nature-based solutions and innovative ways to recycle waste into useful products.Lauritta focuses mainly on creative and innovative waste management solutions, climate change advocacy, training and grassroots engagement.
She is currently the Co-Founder of ECOCYKLE Limited, a youth-led social enterprise that provides waste management services and environmental education,Amazingly she is the winner of Oxfam green challenge 2022 and an Activist at the Speak Up Stand Out Program in Abuja, where
her project “Your Waste My Money” is aimed at providing enterprise opportunity, green
skills/jobs for youths through waste, she has trained 2000 women and youths on the
recycling of Agricultural Waste into Briquette(a sustainable alternative to charcoal and
firewood) an efficient source of cooking energy to help curb deforestation, reducecoercion on forests and combat desertification and drought. She has also trained women,
youth and children on the recycling of plastic waste into interlocking bricks and building
structures using pet bottles as a way of combating plastic pollution, gearing behavioural
change and imbibing a recycling culture and eco-friendly practices in them.She exhorts young people to concentrate on honing their skills to combat climate change
and foster sustainable development in their communities.


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