Jack Otieno, the conservationist

Hey Environpreneurs,

This month of June is memorial because, we honour the environment on the 5th, yearly. This year’s theme is “Only One Earth”. This translates to; there is no planet B. We all need to come together and nurture and restore nature on earth by reducing our carbon footprints.

So in this edition, we’ll be talking about an interesting conservationist from Kenya. Here you go👇

Jack Steve Otieno, is an Environmental Conservationist and a Climate Change enthusiast with an educational background in Climate Change and Development with Information Technology from Maseno University, Kenya.

He is a dedicated climate change activist, particularly in Kenya.
He is in the frontline of environmental and climate change advocacy nationally and Internationally; as an activist in Kenya, he has participated in global climate strikes in Kisumu County organized by Fridays for Future in partnership with Kisumu Environmental champions. In collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), he then participated in the implementation of Green Cities Initiative, a program that was aimed at enhancing Kisumu City beautification, promotion of forestry in public primary schools through planting of indigenous trees and fruit trees to promote food security and environmental conservation while creating a conducive environment for learning.

Jack is the Co-founder and Executive Director at Eco-Lusion Community Based Organization, an organization based in Kisumu County, Kenya aiming towards enhancing community sustainability through environmental friendly solutions. As an organization, they have successfully managed to champion for reforms in climate change issues through organizing and carrying out climate strikes in partnership with an international organization known as Extinction Rebellion, calling for reforms in formulation of climate change policies and calling an end to gross environmental degradation as a result of anthropogenic activities such as deforestation. They planted more than 1,000 trees both exotic and indigenous trees within Kisumu County towards ecosystem restoration and in the fight against climate crises.

He’s a member of the Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN), a member of the Kisumu Environmental Champions, these organizations aim at enhancing environmental conservation and building community Climate Change resilience. He is also a member of the Commonwealth Youth Climate Network (CYCN) Kenya which promotes global youth advocacy on climate change issues and environmental conservation, a member of the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction Youth Network (BBNJ) which advocates for the high seas issues.

Jack, as a conservationist has a 4 years experience in environmental and climate change issues and has worked with several organizations that focus on Environment and Climate Change issues in Kenya such as, Kisumu County Government, UN-Habitat, Transparency International and Uhai Lake Forum.

He disclosed that, his challenges in the environmental space are; Political instability, lack of adequate finance and resistance from various persons in carrying out climatic and environmental activities have been the major setbacks he faced and some of the people still lack awareness on climate education and positive environmental orientation.

He further said;

A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself. We won’t have society if we destroy the environment. It is our responsibility to conserve the environment for us to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Words on marble;

Everyone in the society has a role to play in reducing environmental degradation and enhancing the fight against climate change.

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