The Young Activist

Hey Enviropreneurs,

This month is all about an outstanding teenager, who’s evidently passionate about her environment. Excitingly, she was amongst the activists who attended the COP26 at Glasgow, UK in 2021. At a young age, she has achieved a lot in the environment space.

Read along and dive into her accomplishments!

Rahmina Paullete is a 16 year old wildlife conservationist, environmentalist and a climate change activist. She is a student at Kisumu Senior Academy in Year 11. Her passion in environment began way back when she was five years old.

She is the founder of Kisumu Environmental Champions which is a kid teen group that creates awareness on climate change to the local community. In the initiative, they grow trees and hold clean ups under their campaign Saturdays4Environment. She also has another campaign called LetLakeVictoriaBreathAgain that is based on restoring the ecosystem of Lake Victoria.

Rahmina Paullete Eco Products is her startup eco- business venture comprising of making environmental friendly products such as cards, bags , bookmarks, table coasters, furniture and papers made from an aquatic weed found in Lake Victoria called Water hyacinth. It is a source of employment and helps preserve the marine life.

She is also part of an international campaign which is Food At Cop. A campaign that aims at promoting plant based meals served in climate conferences. She is also working closely with Wangari Maathai Foundation and Daima Greenspaces as a young leader.

Moreover, she is a wildlife champion in Kisumu Impala Park. Her work led her into being one of the global climate activists in FridaysForFuture and FridaysForFutureMapa.


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