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Abimbola Abikoye has an advanced degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos. She’s actively involved in climate change campaign advocacy, community-based inclusive research, writing and project development.

In 2020, she founded Revamp Rave Network (RRN), where she works to build the next generation of climate literates and coastal defenders to help promote a healthy land and marine ecosystem for planet earth. The organisation curated the RRN Virtual Cohort Programme on Climate Change in West Africa, a platform built to educate young people from across Africa and the world on Climate Change.

The programme reached 10,000 change makers worldwide through its partnership with JDFKmedia, a UK-based online media, carrying out 12 lessons for four months during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The programme trained 20 young Africans, engaged 30 tutors and 20 organisation from across the world, sparking 1,000 positive actions through it valedictory event. In addition, the programme launched its first book called Ecolog; A Quick Guide to the Basics of Climate Change. The book is a resource guide to foster more knowledge and accelerate more climate action to achieve sustainable development goals.

Under her leadership, Revamp Rave Network launched its first campaign “Above the Rubble” about Agoro community, ushering in its first community-based project in Agoro community, one of the largest and most populated coastal communities in Lagos. The project tagged Kadara Waste Reduction Project is a climate change adaptation-based project, curated to help rid Agoro community of waste, starting with climate education, environmental advocacy, and high impact capacity programmes in partnership with relevant organisations to deploy social and environmental intervention.

The project is the first pathway of three. It reached 5,000 residents, engaged 300 stakeholders, mobilised 100 residents who became a part of the RRN community team, trained 30 volunteers and 20 community residents, impacted 200 women and 3,000 children, recovered 2,208 tons of debris waste, 912.9kg tons of plastic waste to mention a few.

Through the project, she has partnered with the Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Lagos State Waste Management Agency, Rotary Club Lagos, Aledoy Solutions Limited, Folabomi Foundation, Christian Association of Nigeria and the list goes on.

Abimbola is a coastal, environmental and climate enthusiast who firmly upholds the view that life on land influences the prosperity of the marine ecosystem. Hence, she leverages data and storytelling to develop measurable actions to create social and environmental impact for inclusion.

Words on marble:

We all have our part to play in building a sustainable future but while at it have fun and influence others to be better protectors for the environment. It takes more than one to attain environmental justice for all!

Abimbola Abikoye


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  1. This is a very great platform for environmentalists to voice out their work and challenges .

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    1. Yes ma. Thank you for reading through.


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