Weary Water

I think about my water in the stale way.Why can’t you be drinkable? Instead you are scary, dirty and unhealthy.

Water is everywhere because it’s life, yet doubting to take a sip from it, due to the impureness.

Everyone rushes to the filthy flowing river, to quench their thirst w

ith a gulp without hesitation.

There!!! I stood staring in amazement, scared of cholera. But…. I need it to live, even if it’s dirty. I will chlorinate the water then give it a gulp to feel at ease.

Oh weary 😩 my water has become, yet my system needs more of you!
I cannot survive without you.

A drop on my tongue leaves no one behind

πŸ’§ Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink πŸ’§


Happy World Water Day!


11 thoughts on “Weary Water

  1. A powerful read. And scary too. Water for all is a simple truth that must be realised soon, for the sake of humanity! Keep up the good work, environpreneur! 😎


  2. Mayokun IYAOMOLERE March 22, 2019 — 9:02 am

    This presents water in the light it truly is! Potable water is not really accessible!!
    We hope the trend changes.


  3. For we all need water to survive; water is life.
    Thank u dear.


  4. Nice 1


  5. Oh water, how can I live without you. I can live without food for days but oh water I can’t live without you.
    May clean water be accessible to all.

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  6. water is everywhere but the access to potable water is the challenge in Nigeria.
    so we need to develop a strategy on how to provide potable water for drinking to our communities out there


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