Plogging helps to keep fit and maintain green environment

Hey environpreneurs,

Do you want to keep fit and at the same time clean up the environment, but you don’t know how to make them work out together?… Then plogging is the way out.

Plogging is the club of combining both jogging and picking of trashes in the surroundings. There are various body movements like squatting, dancing, stretching and bending that can help spice up the main action of running. Plogging helps to get rid of body wastes through burning calories and also get rid of various indiscriminately discarded wastes in the environment. You can start your plogging with exercise drills to ease and lubricate the joints to maintain balance while cleaning up the environment.

OAU ploggas club

Good well being and making the environment green are the urgent needs of today, through plogging one can show high level of concern for their surroundings and this action has created mental alertness to people around you.

Did you know you can take the plogging to another level?

Yes you can. Through creating awareness to your neighbors, passers by and people who are keen about being healthy and living in clean environment for them to join the activities and attract more members to the team. This can help foster better interpersonal relationship amongst ploggas while on the quest to improve personal health.

Collective actions no matter how localized it is will deliver a great impact and here are 3 tips to go plogging with Teammates.

🌲 create plogging routes for environmental monitoring to enable knowledge of remote sensing.

🌲 providing cleaning materials for the exercise which are cost friendly so as to refuel the drive for making impact.

🌲the need for funds to carry out plogging campaigns on a larger space and extend. Mostly ploggas contribute individual resources to make it a success.

I believe these tips cannot hinder us from staying healthy and keeping the environment clean and serene. All in all…Plogging is awesome! And we won’t stop plogging. We are reminded daily to keep fit and clean! So go plogging, it is the new cool.

🌲Be habitual to live in green and clean environment!!! 🌲


6 thoughts on “Plogging helps to keep fit and maintain green environment

  1. Making sense as usual……more grease to ur elbow

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  2. Really love the idea of plogging….. More awareness is needed so that the general public will be enlightened

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    1. Pls let’s start with our neighborhood


  3. Mayokun IYAOMOLERE March 22, 2019 — 8:04 am

    We Keep Fit To Keep Clean!!


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