Hey Environpreneurs,

Pollution has become part and parcel of us in recent years, due to our continuous human interaction with the environment and exploitation of resources therefore making it a great challenge to us. Pollution has reduced the value of things in our surroundings and deteriorated our health, the aquatic lives are not spared also as a result of improper waste management.

It’s time time to take action and revive that our once pollution free environment by following all the environmental laws.

Here is a poem expressing how we have turned pollution as the order of the day in our environment.

Poem: #BeatPollution

Instead of a colourful rainbow,
Up in the sky is painted with a stack of smoke;
Making everywhere invisible and hard to breathe.

Instead of planting trees,
Down the marsh is where we prefer to dispose our poisonous waste.
Beneath the waters is scummy and decayed.

Instead of being pristine,
Pollution has become our lifestyle.
It’s time to make people see how we are damaging our earth.

If we don’t band together to save it, it may deteriorate beyond control.

🌲keep Environment safe and pollution free🌲

Improper refuse disposal


9 thoughts on “POLLUTION

  1. When our environment is safe, our life will be well secured.
    Thanks greatly for this effort.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nicely written kaboji


  3. Wasilat Bello May 5, 2018 — 7:55 am

    Beautiful words nicely written


  4. Wasilat Bello May 5, 2018 — 8:55 am

    Beautiful words nicely written


  5. While we should still be pristine, we’re getting polluted!

    Pollution rids us of life in bits.
    We will keep fighting till we #BeatPollution.

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